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Product Reviews & Testimonials

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There are more than 100 reviews below - most current are added at the top of the page.  Please scroll through to find reviews for the product you are interested in!  SnapBagger was our first product in the marketplace, so most of its reviews are farther down the page.

YardPup - Great Tool

"Very easy to use, no more back breaking yard clean up."
Posted by pk08

Yard Pup - Love the YardPup

"This thing works pretty good. It picks up all the small stuff, still hard to get the "crumbs" but overall works very good. :) I love the fact that you can use bags you already have and you don't have to buy replacement bags."
Posted by lovelyL

SnapBagger/Rake Combo - best tool ever

"I love love love this tool !!!!!! The best helper for fall and spring clean-up. Or just any cleaning prodject you have. I am a woman who has alot of yard work to do alone. And this nifty little tool cuts my time in half, I don't need someone to hold my bag its great!!!
Its like having my owm little helper. I love this thing !!!!! Thanks so much QVC for bring it to us.
Posted by ghogden


"This little tool is the best thing I have come across that makes cleaning up after two puppies so quick and easy. Your hands stay clean , when you are done you take off the cord tie the bag and you are finished. Thank You QVC....."
Posted by NIKKO

YardPup - Great Dane Awesome!!!!

"I have a Great Dane and the YardPup is a life saver. Not only is it easy to setup and change out bags but cleaning up after my "little guy" is so easy I want to do it. A Great Dane deposit can be more than a few handfuls and The YardPup makes me forget the worst part of being a dog owner. Cleaning up after them. You can't get much better than that."
Posted by Silverwolf

YardPup - Love it

"I just received this and I love it, makes clean up easier and I don't have to worry about the bag blowing around since we have wind or a breeze most of the year."
Posted by shortyD

YardPup - Better than just the plastic bag!

"I bought this because my back objects when I do all the bending to pick up these messes. This device works well, as the debris is inside a plastic bag when the pick up is done. It's not very sturdy for this amont of $.  Putting the plastic bag on the frame takes some learning "How to""
Posted 04-18-12 by HMMar

YardPup - so glad i bought it

"I am very happy with my purchase. It makes it so much easier to clean up after my 2 dogs. I read the other reviews and I am glad I bought it. Makes the job much cleaner as there is no touching of the "nasty" doggie by-products!"
Posted by nychef

YardPup - #1

"I had my wife order this cause it seemed like a great product and i must say this is not my favorite job. LOL But if you have dogs or a dog this is a must have. I use plastic bags from the grocery store , you never run out. When we go to the Dog park I use a HD trash bag and every one loves me it is so easy in a snap the whole park is clean as new"
Posted by hotdawg

YardPup - Saves My Back

"This really eleminates having to bend over to do the clean up. Makes me and my pup happy. Easy to assemble. Thanks QVC."
Posted by mardie

SnapBagger/Rake Combo - Not Just For Dog Droppings

"Clean up leaves in flower beds, etc. This is great for me, EASY to put a bag on it, and just fill it up. I trimmed the hedges then cleaned it up easily and fast. Worth every penny!! I don't have a doggie, but if I did, it would be my choice to take care of that task."
Posted by jgayle

YardPup - Nice, but...

"This device is very helpful in the yard. I have 3 dogs and find this to be the best way to collect up the deposits at the end of the day. The only reason why I put 4 stars is the bag changing issues. I can't seem to get it right. My arthritic hands have difficulties with the bungy cord. I can't replace the bag without making a mess."
Posted by Applehead

YardPup - Works just as advertised!!!!

"The Yard Pup does just what I expected, only way to improve would be to automate it. I like that I no longer have to bend over to clean up after my dogs on my condo's little enclosed patio. Sometimes I have to give the bag a little flip like you would a skillet to throw all the debris back into the bag, then I just take a clean bag and bring it up over the used bag and then remove the band and the whole bag drops down into the clean one and I tie it up. Really makes a somewhat distastefull job a cinch to do and practically hands free! Worth every penny and would make a great gift for anyone getting a new puppy or adopting an adult dog.!!"
Posted by mgsperry

YardPup - Great Product!

"I purchased this product several months ago and love it! It does everything you say and it does make yard clean-up a breeze! I use it on a regular basis and it has made my doggie yard clean-up so much easier. I would love to see more dog items and maybe a really good dog ramp for an SUV. Thank you for bringing us great pet/dog products!"
Posted by wendywim

YardPup - Great Piece of Equipment

"I love this thing!! Keeps my hands and nose away from the puppy bombs, gets them up out of the lawn neatly without smashing them all over, and gets rid of them without having to handle them., Very easy to assemble, easy to put new bags on, take them off, lightweight so not struggling like with a full sized shovel. I just like it."
Posted by WI Mary

YardPup - game changer!

"ok i dont know why this is such an effective tool, but it is. I have 3 Labs, live in the northeast with snow build up / melting that causes me to DREAD spring clean up. This tool made all the difference! cut the time by more than half. cleanly and thoroughly picked up the stool in varying stages of ickiness. no mess, no fuss, and quick. cant do without it! bought one for all my dog-loving family members and friends!"
Posted by ennyls

YardPup - Finally ...

"One that works! This little gem is sturdy and actually does the job! Having 3 dogs, I really have to stay on top of my yard or it very quickly gets out of control. This one is solidly made and easy to use. I use it with plastic grocery store bags and it works great plus I've found a great use for all those bags stuffed in drawers!"
Posted by Tapp4

YardPup - good product

"It works good. I am wheelchair bound and wish it had a slight ramp or lip on the bottom to make it a little easier for me to pull stuff up and in. Iwolud reckamend this for enyone who has to clean up after a pet."
Posted by franky2012

YardPup - Absolutely Awesome

"We purchased this at a Home and Garden Show and have been totally impressed!!!!  Love the way the bag straps onto the holder and how bag stays open when scooping up the doggie numbers. I can carry around a full bag and not have to worry about getting my hands dirty. There is a little notch to easily remove the strap and thus the bag. I found the Yard Pup also useful for scooping up the rocks from the beds around the trees that the dogs have scattered around...scoop rocks into a trash bag and empty back where they belong. The only disadvantage I found was cleaning up doggie number frozen into snow on the patio, needed to use a garden spade, but, life goes on. Maybe work on training the puppy not to do his number there. Buy it!!!"
Posted by RTK

YardPup - Excellent Dog Scooper

"This is the best. Works great with the small wastebasket bags. Best Dog Scooper out there."
Posted by LauraA

YardPup - Handy Items and IT WORKS!

"From picking up leaves to doggie pop - three large dogs and the problem solved. As other reviews commented it would have been great if they made the stick a little longer. Sturdy and easy to use. Love that my hands don't have to touch the mess!"
Posted by Anonymous

YardPup - What a Great Tool!!

"I think those four words say it all, except...why didn't I think of it! :)"
Posted by padeg

YardPup - Very Clever Idea

"With 3 dogs running around and messing in the yard, this was much more convenient than using a shovel to pick up messes. You can use your own plastic bags from the grocery store which is a huge money saver. The only thing I would change is that the handle for the scraper was a little longer and more stable. But it works just fine."
Posted by DanieV

YardPup - Great Idea

"This is a fantastic idea for those of us who hate this job anyway.  I gave it 4 because I would like it about 5 inches bigger and the handles about 5 inches longer also.  Found it hard to get the job done without making a mess.  But will keep trying.  I have the yard one and love it.  Both are a blessing."
Posted by 5388

YardPup - Cuts My Collection Job In Half

"I went out yesterday to do my spring cleanup in the backyard. I have 2 large dogs and always dread the post-winter cleanup. To my amazement my cleanup time was cut in half. I love the rake for the taller, uneven grass. I have the larger yard debris collector, love it, but is too large for doggie duty - this is the perfect size."

Posted by djcobra

YardPup - Clean

"Its easy to work and does its job glad I bought it..."

Posted by anonymous

YardPup - 2 thumbs up for the best scooper

"I really think this item is the bomb, I did have a little problem the rubber band was frayed so I really think they should send at least three rubber bands with the scooper other than that its great. If you has a silly pup you need to pick one up. ps is there any way we can get extra bands?"

Posted by honey bees

YardPup - OMG

"This is the best, I am so happy I saw this. Bought two one for my and my 6 furry friends, and one for my Grandson for doing his job for thier 5 furry friends, makes the job almost enjoyable. I am able to get the bag on and off by meself, which pleases me. Have also used it for some yard debri, works equally well for me. My son is moving into his own place with his dog and plan to get one for him to use. So glad I saw it. Thanks for bringing it to us QVC and Yard Pup inventor"

Posted by littlgma

YardPup - Makes quick work of a dirty job!!

"This is the BEST poo scooper I have ever used. I have 2 Shih Tzus and we have multiple poos to clean up from the yard everyday. This makes the job a breeze. I love it! This is soooo much better than covering your hand with a plastic bag, bending, and picking up the poo. WHAT A BACK SAVER!!! Thank you so much for bringing us this wonderful product!"

Posted by Jessj

YardPup - Best Ever!

"I love this product! It is easy to use and so well made. I have two large dogs to pick up after; one is a Great Dane so believe me this has made the chore much easier. Prior to buying the yard pup, I ran around with a wore out short-handled shovel and a small trash can with a trash bag in it doing the job. This product has changed my life!!!!"

Posted by jh76

YardPup - dog owners best friend

"between our dog and the deer, our yard is like walking through a mine field. this tool makes it so fast and easy to clean up the messes. you don't have to bend over, so no more back pain. great product."

Posted by 1debbier

YardPup - Fantastic Back Saver

"This scooper is awesome. I like it so much that I'm buying one for a neighbor who is getting a new pup in a couple of months. It just makes life easier."

Posted by CherNJ

SnapBagger - Makes Work FUN

The SnapBagger tool is really fun to use.  My hubby and I get our yard raked and bagged so quickly with this.  We are dying to show it off to the neighbors.  No noise other than laughter and so easy to store.  Everyone who has to rake, should own one of these.  Thank you inventor for something so simple yet so useful.
Posted by Happy Shopper

YardPup - Best product ever

"I love this product it is very easy to set up and it is a back saver. I would like to get the larger one too"

Posted by angelsofjoy

YardPup - Super Duper Picker Upper

"I live in a Senior Citizen complex where everyone is at least 62 and older. Many of us have our doggie pals. I was able to convince a church to donate the chainlink fence for our puppy pals to have a place we could take them and and remove their leashes. It is a fantastic place to have and of course the No1 rule is that everyone must clean up after their doggie pal. Well, that's not a problem, but there are four orange trees that load up each year with beautiful oranges that are impossible to eat because they taste horrible, but they still fall from the trees onto the doggie park surface. And noone wants to pick up the oranges. Well, today, I did. With my new red YardPup. So easy to use, and my doggie pal, Jordie, can be off leash and explore to his hearts content while I am picking up oranges, and his "debris".........So, EXCITED to find this on QVC. As the bag gets more full the plastic bag begins to pull out from the rubber band, but, I have only used grocery bags. I will use a larger bag next time to see how that works, but even the way it worked today is a miracle and I have serious pain in my lower back and one leg when I bend over for any little chore. I had no pain today and I picked up two bags or those orances. Thanks so much for this marvelous item.  Jordie thanks you too. (black and tan mini dachshund who is my boss and lets me know how long we can stay out. His black coat gets very hot in the summer and his short hair lets him get very cold when it is even cool down here in we had a good time today for a longer time."

Posted by sugarpie39

YardPup - I Agree With The CTR (Customer Top Rated) Reviews

"I read the reviews before I purchased this. It works great. It is much better than the alternative.... pick it up with a shovel and walk to the woods everytime. I have used it with a grocery bag. I am going to try it with the 13 gal bag. I'm sure it will be fine because the piece that holds the bag on it very sturdy. Great product. Everyone should own one."

Posted by stevenkat

YardPup - Fantastic Scooper

"I never thought I would get excited about a poo scooper but I am. With 3 dogs this was a chore, now I actually look forward to cleaning my yard. Using grocery bags was pure genius. It works on concrete, rocks, bricks and ground covering all of which I have in my yard. My yard has never been so clean. Is also easy picking up the doggie presents in the snow. So glad I happen to see this on QVC. Thinking of giving it as gifts to all my friends with pets."
Posted by woodenshoes5

YardPup - No longer a chore

"You always tend to wonder if something really is as good as it looks/sounds, and this is definitely the case with this product. Extremely simple to put togther (I didn't need the instructions), and takes up minimal space. One of my favorite things on this is that you use regular plastic grocery bags, no need for anything additional (to buy or to store) than what you already have around your house. The tool is very lightweight, clips together and really does make cleaning up after the dog much quicker. This is no longer the chore it used to be, and I'm only sorry I didn't order it sooner."
Posted by G-Force

SnapBagger - Great Invention ;)

"I actually ordered this some time ago, & have used it through two seasons already.  It is the coolest thing!!!  Iam permanently disabled & use a power chair, but I can easily put a leaf bag through this & scoop leaves into it with a small leaf rake.  We live in an area where we are surrounded by oak trees, so the leaves are forever falling.  My energy is limited, but it is no problem for me to go out & use this to scoop up 2 or 3 bags full at a time.  Today I did 3, took me all of 15 minutes.  Highly recommend this :)"
Posted by C. Bernstein

YardPup - Please Make Retractable Handles for Travel!!!

"My Husband and I are taking care of our Son's dog while he is on deployment with the Navy. I purchased this scoop to make the job go quicker. We can not say enough about how much we love this product!! In fact I would love to see this collector made so the handles could be retracted or made longer. If the handles retracted we could just put it in the back of the car for travel or take our 'house guest' to the dog park.(Clean bag, of course!!) This product is so easy to use, we are able to keep up with the 'goods' daily. Nothing to touch and no bending down while caring for our new 'Grand-dog'!"
Posted by Jan T


"AWESOME! It is easy, holds those grocery bags we don't know what to do with, but the best thing is the length for a tall man. My husband said it's easy to use, unbelievable volume availabilty. He loves it!!!!!!!!! If you have a dog, GET THIS PRODUCT!"
Posted by Frostys Mom

YardPup - This is the Best!!!!!

"Let me start out by saying I am cleaning up after 12 miniature schnauzers so you can imagine how much I am picking up on a daily basis. I have tried all of the scoopers out there and none can compare to the yardpup. It is awesome! I love it. It has made my life so much easier. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am telling all my doggie friends about this great little invention."

Posted by SierraQ

YardPup - Super Scooper

"This product is fantastic.. One of the least things I enjoy is having to search through the some times long grass to locate packages my puppies have left in the yard for me. This scooper is so helpful, I'm not having to bend over (which is great for back issues) and I'm able to clean up everything with little effort.. High Five !"

Posted by WstrnCarolinaGal

YardPup - Best for Picking Up You Know What

"This is smart, easy to use, well-made and really cute named. I use this every day with our two pups. We reuse plastic grocery bags. They are easy to put in and take off, tie up and, dispose of. Great idea.... wish I had thought of it!!"

Posted by SunnySideUp

YardPup - Great Item!

"Makes quick work of a not so fun job. Does the job quickly and easily - no fuss and, best of all, no mess. I told all the doggie owners I know about this product. Thanks!"

Posted by Adle

YardPup - Big Help for Big Messes

"Adopted two large breed dogs this year after always having small dogs in the past. The messes and the smells were overwhelming. Using the shovel to clear the yard was difficult and time consuming. Love the YardPup. I find it works better if the waste has "cured" for a little while. Rake it in the bag, tie up the bag, then toss it in the trash. Done."

Posted by Siennagaga

YardPup - A Must Have

"I saw this and thought why not give it a try, we have 3 dogs and my daughters are always making excuses why not to pick up the poo... Well they don't have any excuses now this (2) piece set works great. Anyone with dogs this is a MUST HAVE!!"

Posted by happy shopper

YardPup - Works Well

"Laughed when I saw on air but my wife ordered one for me on the side. Have had about a week and it actually works !!! Beats the hand trowel and old milk cartons I used for our basset. However, how will it work when the piles are soggy, I'll find out sooner or later. Think I'll get my grandson one for their 2 rottweilers."

Posted by ccdc978

YardPup - Best Tool Ever!!!

"This YardPup is by far the BEST tool suited for the job. I like the fact that I can put a bag on & have no additional steps to dispose of the mess.  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!"

Posted by giddyupngo

YardPup - Great Idea

"I just received this and it is wonderful. No more stooping and no more being close to doggie droppings. This should have been around years ago. If you don't have one of these and you are cleaning after your dog,this is a must for you."

Posted by sweetfairy

YardPup - Great Idea!

"This works pretty well, and is worth the price. I have two problems with it after having it for a month: 1) the bungee doesn't hold the bag tightly in place any longer. I think it stretched out a little, and it makes me wonder how long it will work efficiently enough to get the job done. 2) The rake has short, wide prongs that do not work efficiently when the grass gets longer. This means that when I'm doing the final doggy yard clean-up before the mowers come, I use the rake from a previous scooper set that I own, which looks like a mini leaf rake. When the grass is shorter, I do prefer the "Little Paw" rake. Scooping the doggy "presents" in to the bag directly is a great idea, and the way the set clips together for storage is cool, too."
Posted by Wacky Jackie

YardPup - No Work, Work

"Great for my back, no bending, does a great clean up job. I have used this for many different chores including dog clean up, dropped fruit, leaves and debris pick up."
Posted by Timexkl


"Does the job with no mess. Best thing you don't have to bend over to pick up debris."

Posted by QVCmama

YardPup - Works for us!

"We like this product quite well. Having 3 dogs, clean up can be tiresome and this items makes it much easier. I was concerned about the quality of the metal, but it appears to be quite substantial. I have limited use of my major arm following a severe injury last summer and often find it difficult to maneuver while using a shovel or claw type scooper but have little to no difficulty with this item. So happy I saw a presentation on it while channel surfing recently!"
Posted by Susan Jean

YardPup - Helpful tool for pickup!

"Bought this for my husband since he already uses these bags but has to bend over all the time and that is hard on the back with our big yard. He loved it immediately and does not dread the Doggy Patrol job anymore. It is easy to set up, very sturdy. We are really glad we purchased it and can't recommend high enough!"
Posted by ddisney

YardPup - Easy to Use!!!

"This product is great! This is such a dirty job and it makes it so much easier! My 10 and 6 year olds have no trouble using it. I spray the rake part with the hose and it comes clean, I love that they clip together and can hang in my garage. I would recommend this to anyone, the handles are tall for an adult to use without having to bend over. Overall just very user friendly and easy for anyone to use."
Posted by homefunformom

YardPup - A+A+A+ GREAT PURCHASE!!!!!

"I am soooooo glad that I purchased this... I kind of questioned if it was worth the extra money to replace my current scoop, The answer is definitely YES !! WHY NOT have the bag attached to the scoop ?? It just makes sense. Thank You for making this area of my life much easier !!!!! A+A+A+"

Posted by Diana-Banana


"this simple tool is the greatest! scoop,tie and throw in trash it is great. no mess no fuss. if you have a dog just get one."

Posted by yddet

YardPup - Must Have for Little Loved Ones!!!!

"This is Awesome. You have to have this if you have pets. So easy to use and clean up is a breeze. I am so glad i got this, otherwise i was using a plastic fork and a bag, and at my age, i can't be bending over so much. The yard pup is the best thing ever."
Posted by valentine1955

YardPup - Great little gadget!

"I have bought many gadgets on QVC, and this one is the best by far. Simple to assemble, and works just like it is supposed to. I have 2 dogs, and this is the easiest method I have ever used for cleaning up after them. Buy it, buy it, buy it!!!!!"

Posted by Anonymous

YardPup - Love It!!!

"The only negative thing I can say about this product is that I didn't think of it first. I have 3 labs and scoop at lot of stuff and this makes things much easier. Don't hesitate to buy it."

Posted by Shortpants

YardPup - Great Product

"My yard pup arrived today ,Could not wait to use it, loaded a bag onto the ring, it stayed well even with optimum load. Loved the bag concept it worked very well. I did not care for the rake on concrete, as there was not a flat edge to scrape with , on grass it was fine. So I used my old flat edge on the concrete to scrape with. It would be nice to have a changeable flat head with this unit. That is why 4 stars."

Posted by dolly3

YardPup - Everyone with Yard Poop, should have this!

"Works out great, makes the job a lot easier. I'm very glad to have purchased it. GREAT PRODUCT !"

Posted by Har57

YardPup - Finally...Just What I Was Looking For!

"I've bought lots of different types of yard scooper devices for cleaning our backyard and this one is The Bomb! Our Great Pyrenees furbaby uses our back yard as her bathroom and leaves "logs" that are so big you could just about trip over them. Had to have something with a big enough container/bag and this is can recycle and attach regular grocery bags or even larger size bags from shopping or you could even use plastic kitchen garbage bags if you prefer. I find it easiest to hold the scooper with my right hand (I'm right-handed) and the bagger with my left...when it gets heavy I hold the bagger handle down closer to the bag and let the handle run under my forearm for leverage and scoop away. Had been having to lug a bucket around and once everything was scooped up had to dump it all in a bag to throw it all away. This is so much faster and one step instead of a messy two! Not having any problem attaching the bags or removing them and never even have to get my hands dirty! Highly recommend this item to make an unpleasant task nicer!"

Posted by anniebear

YardPup - Great Product

"I've been looking for this type of product for years. I was so happy to have seen it on QVC. I actually ordered it for myself and best friend. We both love it. Great construction, easy to assemble and best of all I don't have to pick up the debris by hand any more using my old grocery store bags. (smile) I would highly recommend this product."
Posted by Vanece

YardPup - Wish I Had Thought of This

"This gizmo is the "Bomb". For years I have been bending over to remove dog doo, making brief pick ups a drag for me. Now, I actually look forward to the pick ups when outside with my dog. I also manage to pick up a lot of other lawn and garden litter and debris with it. We have a gum ball tree, and the prickly balls fall onto the grass all year long, causing the dog some very painful romps when encountering the sharp prickly edges of the gum balls. I get them up easily and immediately now, with this tool. I wish I had thought of inventing this. Easy and utilitarian. I will order one for the front of the house, as well. Thanks and get one, you won't be sorry!"
Posted by Boss Hog

YardPup - This works great!

"This is a very handy tool. It is easy to load the grocery bag and makes dog waste cleanup a breeze. It works well for small yard debris like pine cones, etc, too. It is nice that it snaps together for storage in between uses. My only request is to somehow add a pull tab to the elastic to make it easier to remove once the bag is full. But, I found if I pull up on the bag at a corner, it takes the elastic out of the groove. I love it!"
Posted by Charlie5

YardPup - Perfect for nasty job

"It makes a nasty job simple. Easy to use and a convenient way to get rid of doggie dodo."

Posted by bozo42

YardPup - great scooper

"Love this , I have three dogs and this is a great product. It works as promised.When I walk around with this, it will pick up little yard waste at the same time."

Posted by sjmis

YardPup - Great Invention!

"Exactly what I needed to clean up after my new puppy. Makes a very unpleasant task a lot easier!"

Posted by Loribee11

YardPup - WOW

"all i can say is WOW> this has made my life so much easier. Great product."
Posted by anonymous

YardPup - Great answer to a distasteful duty

"This product makes yard cleaning a cinch. Yard cleaning is one of my most dreaded chores but it must be done. Any product to make it more sanitary and less back achy is a five star in my book. I sent one to my daughter who has three big dogs. I would recommend this procuct to all pet owners."
Posted by Ohiogirlontheprairie

SnapBagger - Get It, Get It, A Real Timesaver

"This is a real timesaver in my experience. Easy to assemble, even for us challenged ones. Quiet. Worked for me just like the demonstration. I used a little kid's rake and a broom. Fall will be even more of a pleasure this year if the heat ever breaks."
Posted by Anonymous

YardPup - IT WORKS!!!!

"best investment yet..easy to put together... easy to use...will purchase another for picking up small toys after child play...saves the back!! tks, great idea!!!"
Posted by belleeker

YardPup - Here's the scoop ...

"Great product. No bending over, no mess, convenient. Also scoops up other debris in the yard easily. I did have a little trouble during assembly due to unclear instructions. It was unclear which side the little paw ( rake) attached to in the picture. Once assembled, it is a nice tool for the job. Plastic grocery bags work well and great way to recycle their use. I have arthritis in my hands but have no problem with the bungee cord attachment for the bags. If you have a dog, you will appreciate this invention. Check out the product website and you will see the bargain price here at QVC! Scoop with the YardPUP and make a yucky, messy job easier."
Posted by Waterloogal

YardPup - Love it, Love it, Love it ...

"What a wonderful, sturdy, effective way to pick up after my big dog! I've used other scoopers and they are so much work that I was tired and my back hurt after trying to make sure I got everything in to a bag I had to hold. ICK. This is a clean and easy to get the job done and change the bag quickly. I'm so glad I tuned in during the pet program!! Thank you! SoCalGal..."
Posted by justice 3000

YardPup - The Best Scooper I Have Ever Bought Wow!!!!

"This is the best scooper I have bought. All the others have broken and I hate the spring kind they don't do well in grass and are very messy and it takes forever to clean up the mess this tool is like a magic cleaner upper no problems at all. The bag is easy to put on and take off too. It was a bit tricky at first with the band but once you did it it was much easier to do and gets easier each time so be patient. I have bad arthuritis in my right hand and I have no problem with it. To the one reviewer who asked about the black handle the one that has the little black ring like is the put the two together to store. Love that feature and all you do when done is hose the unit off and it is good to go the next time. With 4 dogs it is a blessing to clean up now. Great product QVC."
Posted by Plunky45

YardPup - The best product for such a dirty job!!!

"This is the best product for this nasty, nessesary job. I can't say that it makes it better but it does make it easier. I have used it to pick up weeds I pull out of the flower bed also. That is made much easier with this wonderful tool. Just pull the weeds out and leave them lay there until your done and then go back and just rake the weeds right into a bag."


Posted by Sweet Sally


"Love this 'pick it up' tool!  I hate all the bending and stooping involved in yard work.  Finally, a woman developed a great way to save us all from this back breaking labor!  FYI - the SnapBag Reusable Debris Collection Bag for SnapBagger has an opening on bottom (velcro open/close) to drop the debris into your trash, etc.  Another great idea!!  Get both items and you will never mind yard work again!"
Posted by Dablonde

YardPup - You Gotta Have This Tool!

"I have 2 dogs and this is the best scooper I've purchased yet! It was very simple to put together. I use plastic shopping bags and they are very easy to attach to the bottom of the collector. I did have to use a bit of practice to scoop, but it didn't take much time at all to scoop the stuff into the bag. I easily was able to scoop everything up quickly with no back ache, no soreness, no yucky mess, and no disgusting junk left in the yard.

It was easy to release the bag too. And a quick hose off of the scooper and I was done. I think the yard clean up will be easier and will be done a lot more with this tool!"
Posted by Chic Lady

SnapBagger - Wish I had known about this product sooner!

"I've had mine for about 2 yrs and this truly works! I'm only 5' so I did modify it by not using one segment of the pole extension and that made it so much easier to use. It comes with an elastic band that holds the bags in place which works well but if I use the standard clear leaf collection bags with the pull strings, I hook the bags at the thickest part, right where the pull strings are and I don't really need to use the elastic band. It's quicker when you have a lot of bags (I fill about 14 bags few times a year) to fill like I do. Also, I use a smaller rake and the one made for kids works great! These small rakes makes it easier to move around with the SnapBagger to collect leaves in smaller areas around the house. It also makes it easier to push the leaves further into the bad to fully fill to the max. I was a bit hesitant to order this but I'm sure glad that I did. This simple invention is AWSOME!"
Posed by HardTonic

YardPup - Absolutely Brilliant Invention!

"I have a year old blue pit who goes ALOT in the yard and chews up all her toys leaving lots of debri everywhere... I bought this planning to use it just to clean up the large gifts she leaves me in the yard but have been using it even more to rake up the remenants of her chewing her toys in the house... Fantastic product! Wish I had thought of it. Very easy for people with back problems to use. Its very light weight, but very durable"
Posted by jewel maker

YardPup - Great tool

"This works great! Best money I ever spent, worth every dime. Need I say more?"
Posted by Dee71154

SnapBagger - Back Saver

"I bought this with the reusable bag and I'm so glad !!!! I've got lots of leaves and other debris and this gets it up and saves my back - love it!!!! It's the real ultimate yard clean up tool - NO bending!!!!!! Love it; no more dreading the fall leaf clean up!!!!!!"

Posted by MsT59

YardPup - Love It

"Once I figured out how to put the bag on correctly....I LOVE IT!! picks/scoops up without a breeze, or gagging, or bending."

Posted by klsali

SnapBagger - Great for Prickly pine cones

"Got this together easily.. and I am old. Takes the biggest bags I could find to fit rim. Had a little rake that adjusted from tongs close and handle short to normal. I left it on short/close.. held picker upper in left hand and with right hand raked those prickly pine cones into it. My only problem was that they went in so fast and so easy that I would have the bag too full and heavy to stay on the frame. But that let me know the bag was as heavy as I could carry. Great invention.... expecially for us old folks with prickly pine cones."
Posted by Anonymous

SnapBagger - Thanks!

"I just wanted to let you know that your SnapBagger has kept me in the yard at age 74.  I was about to turn the yard work over to the local yard service for $45/month to keep the leaves picked up but now that I don't have to bend over I can keep my $$$ in my pocket, get a little exercise and keep the leaves picked up myself.  What a clever and useful invention that really works.  Thank you!!"
Posted by murryandpat

YardPup - Poopreffic!

"This is truly a well thought out instrument ... makes cleaning up a mess gag free! Added bonus is no bending ... thank you Should be a 10 star review!"
Posted by favoriteniece

YardPup - Great Tool

"This product works just as described and does just what it is designed to do. And does it well. Saves on the bending. Would recommend to anyone with back yard pets."
Posted by MsSkid


"this is a GREAT product. It got a good work out this weekend. I had all my grand puppies here on Sat. and it cleaned up great after a pug, mastif, retriever and vesla. It is truly a great product and would recommend it for anyone who has pets. Thanks for such a GREAT PRODUCT"
Posted by Anonymous

YardPup - Best gift to myself

"This is very easy to use. I am able to really get in there and get the stuck stuff out. My pup likes to go in the snow banks. This keeps me from having to crawl in there and get all wet. I can just reach out and scoop it out of the snow. This is one of the best things I've ever bought for myself. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has to do this dirty job."
Posted by drewkitt

YardPup - Best Tool Ever!

"This may be my favorite QVC purchase... EVER. It solved an annoying problem for me and my shoes. I have four dogs that use the back yard and one antique german shepherd who can't do the stairs anymore. She uses the front garden at least three times a day. Her favorite place is on a direct path to my car so you can imagine how often I have ended our evening constitutional with cleaning my shoes. Nothing I had tried got the area cleared properly. I just tried the YardPup for the first time. Easy to assemble, easy to attach and detach a plastic grocery bag (Just tie them up and toss in the trash). I'm back to buy two more as gifts for my dog loving friends. You can tell this was designed by a woman - It works quickly, efficiently, you never have to touch the messy stuff, and it's cute as a button."
Posted by linl

YardPup - A Great Product!

"It was pretty easy to put together. The foam packaging was excellent. The units seem well made and appear to be very durable. My only suggestion, is to loop a non-elastic cord around the circle of elastic cord - for older people who have lost strength in their hands. Once they have the elastic cord seated in 2 points, the extra exterior loop (6 inch loop?) would be easier to pull, in order to secure that last joint. And it wouldn't conflict with the use of the bags. I wanted to give this to an elderly friend in her 80s for her dog pickup, but I don't think she can manage the elastic cord (on or off). If I can't rig this so she can use it, I'll keep it for myself. Great idea!!"
Posted by echoscream

YardPup - I'm Sold!!!

"I happened to spot this on before it was on air. I ordered it right away. It came today. First, I have to say, the packaging was superb. I had it assembled in about a minute, had the bag on it and headed outside to the patio, which is half cement and half garden. It was great on both surfaces. I have an enclosed patio at my condo, where my 2 small dogs go. I also accumulate a lot of pine needles out there. I was amazed how easy this is to use. It picked up the dog do, as well as the pine needles. Sure beats the plastic grocery bag over the hand method! I used to have to switch bags before, because my hand is only so big. With this, you can just keep going. I had the bag filled in a matter of minutes. I thought the larger model was a great idea, but I had no use for it, since I have a condo and don't do much gardening. Everyone with dogs to clean up after, needs this product, even if they don't know it! LOL! At first I thought it would be a rather tacky gift idea, but after using it, I think it would make a great gift for pet owners.(Especially with new puppies). This is one of those products that you would walk right by in the store. But seeing it demonstrated makes a big difference. Don't hesitate on this winner!"
Posted by Mollys Mom


"And be sure to order the 'SnapBag Reusable Debris Collection Bag for SnapBagger', if you plan to use this item to its full potential. Also, the Reusable bag makes it easier to 'dump' the stuff into a refuse container and then just twist and 'velcro' the bottom closed again. The yard tool makes quick work out of the hassle of raking leaves. Love this item!"
Posted by Dablonde

SnapBagger - best yard helper

"My husband and I are older and more feeble than stronger.  I purchased this and we had 20 piles of leaves to pick up.  What was picked up before this tool arrived took forever.  Once we got a bag on this - picking up the leaves was a breeze."
Posted by Cautious Carol

SnapBagger - Amazingly Easy

I ordered this with the canvas snapbag.  Used it 2 weeks ago for the nasty Oak tree that drops leaves and millions of nuts.  We could not get over how fast and easy this worked.  No more back aches from bending over.  Alrady suggested it for my son.
Posted by Papillon "Butterfly"

SnapBagger - I Love It!!!

"We used our Snap Bagger for the first time this weekend, after blowing the leaves in the front yard into a pile. My husband had rolled his eyes when he first saw it, and thought I had wasted my money, but once he saw me use the Snap Bagger and then used it himself, he loved it. This product is FANTASTIC!!! No more bending over getting dirty trying to pick up everything by hand and put it in the bag. We will never again pick up leaves or debris in the yard without our Snap Bagger, and plan on buying another one."
Posted by laveryfc


SnapBagger - WOW...What a Product

"Was just trying out the SnapBagger with some leaves in a flower bed and had to stop and some write this review. I have had 3 back surgeries and no longer work but love to garden. Bending over just kills me & I try to avoid it like the plague. I saw the presentation of this product on air a few days ago and immediately ordered it. This just solved one of my biggest problems and I can't thank the inventor enough for this. Now if you could just figure out how to dig a hole... ;-)"
Posted by CindyNC

SnapBagger - Back Saver

"I have a bad back and bending is a problem.  This helps so much with getting my large yard cleaned up.  If you use this right its great but if you don't it would suck. I recommend this for anyone who has a bad back."
Posted by classired

SnapBagger - The Best Yard Tool I Own

"The minute I received this tool I took it out, put it together and was out in the backyard. It's that time of year in Florida when the Live Oaks lose their leaves. It was truly amazing how much time it saved me AND it saved my back!"
Posted by Anonymous

SnapBagger - Hubby Loves It

"My husband thinks this is the best product ever. Great for leaves. With this tool, I don't have to suggest he get outside, he just does it now. So I guess it works for both of us."
Posted by Tomkat2635

SnapBagger - Easy to Use

"Just what I needed last Fall to pick up piles of leaves. I have arthritis and was looking for a way to get the raked leaves into the leaf pile. I found that I could actually scoop the leaves up, and that made it even better. I had no trouble whatsoever."
Posted by Northernlight

SnapBagger - I just LOVE my SnapBagger!

"I am the envy of my makes such quick work of my yard clean-up. Simply brilliant! Wish I had one years ago."
Posted by SheilaG

SnapBagger - Works Great Using Without Help!

"Having a yard full of leaves and tired of my aching back from bending constantly to pick them up, I decided to try this product. Wow, am I glad I did! It is so easy to use and really speeds up the task of clearing leaves. I find it very easy to hold the tool with one hand while raking the pile of leaves I've formed into the bag with the other hand. This is a great idea just proving that sometimes the simplest way is the best!"
Posted by shopping queen!

SnapBagger - Love the SnapBagger!

"Oh my, after a few weeks of looking at the SnapBagger and dreading the long pine needles that had taken over my yard, well, procrastinate no more! This tool is amazing. I scooped 8 bags of needles, leaves, pinecones etc. in under an hour. It was also easy to walk around with it as I did my doggy clean up!! Scoop and dump without struggling to keep the bag open and from flying away!! Amazing and so easy to use."
Posted by jadakm

SnapBagger - A “Must Have” Garden Tool!

"So glad I purchased the SnapBagger! We have lots of trees and pine needles which adds up to alot of leaves and a mess to rake. Well this makes it so much easier. We use to rake the leaves and needles on to a tarp and drag it to the curb. Now I alone can rake the leaves into the snapbagger and carry to curb & empty, takes a few trips, but is lightweight and easy. This isn't mentioned in the product info but it'll make the job so much easier and faster if you go to your local department store or similar store and purchase a small head rake. This makes it easy to rake the leaves into the bag. It's a back saver too!"
Posted by Karen_Pa

SnapBagger - Great Item

"I got this today for my husband. I was going to give to him for the holidays but he needs it now. He was not sure it would work but after putting it together. He change his mind. He’s very happy cleaning the leafs cause it was taking him 2 hours to do front and backyard. Now I’m helping him too. I have a bad back injured . This is the best ...Its easy on your back...It takes 30 mnts to clean all leafs...Couple of my neighbors asked my husband where did he get it. Cause they would like to buy one too. Thanks QVC its a great item and the best one so far."
Posted by junebugjt

SnapBagger - Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!!!

"I bought this for my husband. We have two very large maples in the front and the leaves are incredible. I WAS LISTENING TO THE MORNING SHOW WHEN DAN EXPLAINED YOU WERE A COMPANY OF ONE........I started to listen.  I love the fact that a woman designed such and ingenious way of dealing with leaves. I hope you make a bundle on this idea because it really works and my husband is so happy because he HATES THE LEAVES!!!!!!  He mulches with his mower the leaves on the grass but it is the tons and tons of leaves in the bushes and flower beds that drive him nuts. YOU HAVE DONE GOOD!!!!!  THANK YOU!"
Posted by Sweet Sally

SnapBagger - Back saver!

"We are getting a lot of use of this now that fall is here and the leaves are falling. We also use it in the spring for clean up. Easy on and off with the bag, and no bending over to pick up lawn items!"
Posted by granny Z

SnapBagger - This thing is great!

"I bought this because I have a hip injury and I can't do all the bending over that the fall season requires. Works just like they said it would. It is also helpful for cleaning up doggie droppings in the yard."
Posted by DBD4GR

SnapBagger - Back Saver

"This is a lot better than trying to sweep leaves on to a tarp and then dragging the tarp. I used a 33 gallon contractors bag. I also found that a small rake head makes for a better collection system. A helper-handle was added to get more flexibility on bumpy ground."
Posted by justresting

SnapBagger - Great Product!!!

"Easy to put together and use. I have a leaf vac that gets plugged up, is heavy and LOUD. With this I filled 7 bags in 30 minutes, with the leaf vac it took 2 hours and only had 2 mulched bags. This makes dealing with leaves easy and almost fun.
Posted by bobbie1

SnapBagger - You Need This!!!!

"If you have a lot or a little bit of leaves to clean up... order this now! I always dreaded the picking up of the leaves but after getting the SnapBagger, it is so much easier. I use my leaf blower and rake to get them in a pile and then use the SnapBagger to bag them up. This is a great tool and you think,,, why didn't I think of this years ago! What are you waiting for... order it!"
Posted by AlisonF

SnapBagger - This is great

"I received this just in time to pick up pine needles from my yard and garden. It made the chore of cleaning up pine needles so quick and easy, as I have about 12 pine trees and they really drop the needles. What a time saver."
Posted by miss south

SnapBagger - Just What I Needed!

“Very, very easy to assemble, and I like that I have the ability to make the handle longer or shorter the way it goes together. It's a snap! Should make cleaning up my yard so much easier. No more fighting to keep the trash bags open while putting all of the leaves in. It should also come in handy keeping my patio neat and free of leaves all Fall. I'm glad I got this!"
Posted by IquinTexas

SnapBagger - Awesome!

"This is very easy to use and does exactly what it says it does. It makes cleaning up the yard very easy. My husband loves it!"
Posted by irishroots

SnapBagger - Great Purchase

"Now that I'm a widow and have to do all the yard work myself, this item is a God-send. I can now rake and bag the leaves with hardly any effort at all. I love it."
Posted by maryemma

SnapBagger - Absolutely the BEST!

"Love, love, love this tool. Best thing since sliced bread. Thank you for offering a simple tool that actually works they way it's intended."
Posted by sloja

SnapBagger - Best tool for yard cleanup

"This tool is fantastic for picking up debris in your yard. No more picking it up by hand. With this tool yard clean-up is easy. Thank you for such a great product."
Posted by carol2010

SnapBagger - Love this item

"I have a use for this item that they have not mentioned on the air that I have seen. This product has solved a major puppy droppings pickup problem for me. I have four little dogs which needless to say leave quite a bit of droppings to be picked up. Once a week I go through the yard with the SnapBagger and in just a few minutes I have scooped the yard and thrown it away. Just a perfect tool for my needs."
Posted by ClassECat

SnapBagger - Garden Miracle

"This simple garden tool makes cleanup a breeze. As a 70 year old I appreciate all the help I can get and this implement really fills the bill. Thanks QVC"
Posted by ziL

SnapBagger - Love it!!!!!!

"My husband and I found it easy to use and so helpful. I bought it hoping that it would work as they said it would, and they weren't lying. It's just great. Thank you !! Aurora"
Posted by Ocre

SnapBagger - love,love,love

"I received this today and did my whole yard in no time. This is a wonderful product. I have those sticky balls that are impossible to clean up without getting sore hands and fingers. I have pine cones in the front and back yard. This product made the work fun. I just used a small broom. I could even use my foot on the pine cones. No raking everything in a pile. I just went along and swept them in the bag. Reminded me of putt-putt golf. Highly recommend to anyone. Thanks QVC for bringing this product to me. This product deserves 10 stars"
Posted by jill j

SnapBagger - Great Product

"I purchased this for a friend who has been having difficulty doing yard work. She has told me that using this has given her back her independence. She was very pleased to be able to do the work herself and not have to bother her family with the yard work. I was happy to be able to find something to make her life easier."
Posted by Pattrice

SnapBagger - Wow, great idea this one!!

"I have barberry bushes in my front yard and this product rocks! Those prickly bushes have to be trimmed and no one ever likes the job of picking them up. Now it's no problem at all, no hands required! Now if it only stood up on it's own instead of having to lay in down. : )"
Posted by mayflwr

SnapBagger - Great product

"This made clean up so much easier. Why didn't someone think of this earlier?? Easy to use, easy to assemble. Well worth the money."
Posted by canary2sing

SnapBagger - worth every penny

"Just used for the first time...the hardest part of trimming bushes is clean up. This made it so easy and fast !!! You won't regret this purchase."
Posted by retired in the midwest

SnapBagger - Great Product

"We could not wait to try this out as my husband and I do a lot of yard work. Love it! It will "save" our backs. It is very well made and easy to attach handle. I would recommend a hole at the top of the handle so we could hang it up with other outdoor tools. My husband said he will drill a hole in the handle to make it more convenient for us."
Posted by verlin

SnapBagger - The Best Tool Ever!!

"I have very severe back problems. I live in an apartment complex with a fenced backyard. I have to keep that area clean of leaves myself. Well, after this past winter I had tons of leaves. I used this and had no bending at all to do. I didn't even use the band. The bag just stretched over the bars. I put it on the ground and leaned the handle against me and raked (pushed) the leaves in. This has been a life saver. The best lawn product out there. Love it."
Posted by shebamax

SnapBagger - could not do without

"Best item ever bought for the yard. Makes work so easy."
Posted by pests

SnapBagger - Not just for the yard

"I recently had a big cleanup when a dog "destroyed" a large dog bed. I get my tool with a contractor size bag and swept all the filling into the bag easily. I use it in the house or out in the yard. Bending over and squatting to pick things up gets harder as I age and this has helped so much. The contractor bags rather than the 33 gallon bags fit this perfectly."
Posted by AbbyLynn